Quitting Smoking for Good?

(Posted by Deanna…..Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Instructor Trainer)

If you are a smoker, the single best thing you could do for your health is to quit smoking.  Have a look at the following article that comes from the Certified Professional Trainer’s Network (www.cptn.com).  These suggestions come from those who have quit themselves so you know that they know how challenging it is!  I hope you find some worthwhile suggestions. 

From www.cptn.com:

Tips for Qutting Smoking

If you have considered quitting smoking, the first piece of advice from other smokers facing the same issue seems to be that you REALLY have to WANT to quit.  Of equal importance is “The best way to quit is to believe you can do it”.  Once you have made that decision, the following tips from other “quitters” might be helpful.

Self talk and morale support

-“tell yourself that no one has ever died from NOT having a cigarette, but some have died because they DID”

-“Another pointer is to start thinking like a non-smoker.  I had to re-create my self-image-I was now a non-smoker (something I had always dreaded!).  The identity thing was a biggie. you have to start hanging out with non-smokers and start seeing smoking as an action-not an identity.”


-“At the beginning, I found it helpful to avoid the sight and smell of cigarettes, because without a doubt, it sparked a craving”

-“since coffee and cigarettes usually go together, give up of limit the amount of coffee you drink.  If you can’t give up on everything at once, it may help to have your coffee in an environment that does not allow smoking.”

-“Try brushing your teeth-nobody wants a smoke when their teeth are clean and their breath is fresh.”

-“When you live as a couple and you are both smokers, it is important to consider quitting at the same time.  It is good motivation, but be careful! You may become anxious and quarrelsome.  Try to use humour!”


These range from water to gum to taking a walk.

-“As a former smoker, it helped to have substitues for my addiction.  They because replacements by association-no questions asked.  EVERY SINGLE time I craved a cigarette, I popped a sugar-free gum into my mouth and convinced myself it was a cigarette.  After every single meal, I had tea as my ‘cigarette’  ”

-“I always had a cigarette first thing in the morning-now I have orange juice, a banana and a vanilla yougurt smoothie instead, and I find it really helps.”

-“Drinking water is good, but just having a bottle of water in my hands helped even more.  I would take sips and just hold it.  It kept my hands busy-and was good for me!”

-“Having stopped smoking, I found that I missed being outdoors.  I had always smoked outside of the house so as not to force my bad habit on family and friends.  To replace that enjoyment of being outside with a smoke, I started taking a walk every evening.  The walk is what I believe helped me stop that horrible habit.  Good luck.”

-“If you like vegetables, make a soup.  The work involved in chopping up the cabbage, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and any other vegetable you like keeps you busy for hours, and the  soup helps to make you healthy all that much faster.”

In the car, driving

-“I bought three new CDs of my favourite bands so I could sing along instead of smoking while I drive.  Now I just concentrate on the music and my craving passes.”

-“I always used to smoke in the car while driving.  Now I bring a water bottle and a pack of gum with me while driving to control the urge to smoke.”

Good Luck!!





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