Just do it!!!!

(Posted by Deanna….Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and instructor trainer)

No this is not an ad for Nike, but instead a mind set to help you get moving!  People often ask how to find the time to fit in a workout.  Often, we would look at weekly/daily schedules, managing times that might work.  This is definitely one successful strategy.  BUT, I need you to ask yourself….”all this time I have spent reviewing my ‘to do’ list and schedule…..could I have just thrown on my running shoes and fit in my workout?”  We are oftern paralyzed by the amount of things that need done.  Don’t be overwhelmed….there’s nothing to it, but to do it!  Don’t spend time thinking about it, throw your shoes on and go.  Before you even realize it…you have just completed your workout for the day!!

Get to it……….



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