The Supermom Syndrome

(Posted by Deanna….Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Instructor Trainer)

So this post isn’t quite so fitness related, but I hope it  makes you think about choices that impact your wellness, your stress levels and your families.

Do you know one of these moms?  She has a spotless house, perfectly behaved kids, coaches her son’s little league, is president of the PTA, has a full time job, makes every meal from scratch and NEVER seems to lose her cool.   

If you know someone like this, I say, let’s work together to find her secret!  Better yet, lets find her secret and bottle it!! 

Well we all know that the reality is, this person does not exist-only in Martha Stewart land where she has a staff of 50 to keep up this vision.  On a daily basis we have to remind ourselves, that no one can do it all-no matter how much we want to.   One day, when I was venting to a friend about trying to figure out how I could do it all and be all things to all people, she very gently reminded me that women can have it all,  just NOT AT THE SAME TIME! 

Remind yourself that we move through different phases and stages in our lives.  Move forward through life with what makes you and your family happy and peaceful-not stressed and screaming.  If you don’t seem to have the time to wallpaper the bedroom, be patient, you will.  Your kids will be independent before you know it and the wallpaper will wait for you.  I was shown a very clear example the other day at the soccer field.   I saw a little boy walk off the field, over to his dad, and take his dad’s cell phone out of his hand and demand that dad watch him play!  Your children do not care if there are dust bunnies under the couch or if the laundry isn’t put away.  They care, even if they don’t show it, that mom is there cheering them on.  That’s the memory I want my kids to have of childhood-mom there, cheering like crazy when I scored a goal-trust me, they won’t remember that the floor was clean!


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