Travelling and Fitness?

(Posted by Deanna…Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Instructor Trainer)

If the idea of travelling or being on vacation and keeping fit doesn’t seem to “fit” together for you, it is time to change your thinking!  It is all about planning ahead (yeah-I love planning!).  If you are heading away, look ahead at what type of facilities will be available for you where you are.  Will there be a fitness centre?  What type of equipment do they have?  If there is no fitness centre, are there walking trails?  A playground (you can have a great workout here-stay tuned next week for some examples)?  A great personal trainer (like those at the YWCA!) can put together a travel program for you.  These travel programs don’t require any equipment-you can use just body weight or pack something lightweight and simple like resistance tubing.  Programs can be designed around what you have!  Still not sold?  Contact me for some great ideas!


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