Live Life–Get a Workout!

Returning to exercise after a long hiatus can be a very difficult task to overcome.  It’s about getting that engine of motivation revving up again!  Trust me, I know how it feels!!

As some of you know, I was absent from my exercise routine for several weeks.   I went on an extended summer vacation.  I planned to exercise, sort of, (I told you about it remember?).  I even took my yoga mat with me all the way to Africa–only to roll it out for a staring contest!).  Suffice to say, I didn’t do any lunges or squats; no push ups or back rows—not even a little bicep curl here and there.  I didn’t do any of those usual exercises.  I didn’t even run or jog—my preferred exercise prescription!

While I did not perform any gym exercises, can’t say that my muscles didn’t get a workout nonetheless.  There was a lot of walking—a lot of walking!  Sometimes with a little incline here and there.  Getting involved in household chores served as the remainder of my physical activity regime.

Most of the folks–especially the women that I saw—worked very hard from dawn to dusk.  Their household duties are very physically demanding—even the cooking is a workout at times.  With no constant electricity available—but even then—with no handy appliances such as a blender or magic bullet around, food prep is a workout regime!

Everything is done manually:  there’s the grinding, the pounding, the kneading and the pumping.  Then there is the laundry and the everyday cleaning of the compound/house.  Most of the time, women are doing all this with a baby asleep on their backs or with a pregnancy blooming!

Plus, without a fridge available to store food, cooking every single day is imperative, which means going to the market almost everyday.

Question!——->When was the last time you balanced your groceries on your head?!

I didn’t balance anything on my head, but I’m telling you, some of the things I saw were amazing!

I tried to participate as much as I could with everyday tasks and when I did, my body reacted with a vengeance!  Trying something new does that doesn’t it?  But I was still shocked at the level of soreness I experienced, especially when I went to fetch water as depicted below!  (I was thinking of you when I asked for a picture:) )

Marlin Pumping Water: There’s a lot of resistance involved, so sometimes you need to jump for leverage. A genuine total body workout!


As I return to my reality, I find I am simply turning the tap for water, opening the fridge for food or sometimes just standing in line!  I don’t get a workout if I’m not working out, therefore, I need to workout to get a workout!  BUT it’s so difficult getting started again–especially the running.

The good news is that because of muscle memory, it won’t take as long to regain my previous fitness level.   The not-so-good news is that I have to get off the couch and start working out again and regularly.  And the silver lining in all this is that I am a fitness instructor and have returned to work!!

I have already started running/jogging again and definitely have had a good dose of muscle work!  You might have seen me in one of your classes.  I’m either working out with you or working you out–well–assisting as you work it out!  Alright, let’s keep at it!

See you out there



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