Tips to Boost Your Energy Level Effectively & Naturally!

(written by Carah- YWCA Fitness Staff/Bootcamp Instructor)

The “how to increase energy level” problem is extremely common among people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether you work hard, play hard, study hard or a combination of all three, practically everyone who is “busy” in their daily life could benefit from some extra energy. Here are some simple common sense solutions to this problem that will help you in maintaining your own health and vitality.

Sleep – There is NO substitute for regular, quality sleep

Diet – There is NO substitute for a healthy, balanced diet

Exercise – There is NO substitute for regular exercise

These 3 solutions go hand in hand. With proper diet you will provide your body with sufficient energy for exercise, with regular exercise you will find your sleep patterns will improve.

In addition, keep in mind regular R&R periods for body and mind will help you avoid fatigue from overworking, emotional and physical stress which depletes your energy can also be an issue. In addition it may help to keep an organized living & working environment to avoid energy depletion.

Try this simple breathing technique to reduce your stress and boost energy!

Four-Seven-Eight Breath

1.Sit with your back straight and your hands resting comfortably in your lap or on your thighs.

 2.Look ahead…try not to fix your gaze on anything in particular. Slightly closing your eyes helps.

3.Try to focus internally on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly. All inhalations are done through your NOSE; all exhalations through your MOUTH. Throughout the exercises keep the tip of your tongue in contact with the top of your mouth, just behind your top teeth.

4.Inhale for 4 seconds – Hold for 7 seconds – Exhale for 8 seconds – Pause briefly without breathing, Repeat.

**Do 10-12 rounds to begin. Build up to 25-30 rounds several times a day AND whenever you feel anxious, nervous or stressed.

Additional Benefits

 • Calms your mind

• Tones your nervous system

• Regulates your breathing

• Balances your emotions

If you are thinking it is impossible for you to find the extra energy needed to get yourself into the gym (or even outside for a walk/run), its time for you to evaluate your lifestyle. Figure out how to make the changes necessary to boost your energy level and then just do it! Start working towards a healthier lifestyle today!


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