Boost Your Immune System!

It has arrived, the dreaded cold and flu season. We all try our best to avoid getting sick, but no matter how prepared we think we are, it is often unavoidable. However, here are a few simple things you can do to boost your chances of fighting off your bodies “foreign invaders” more efficiently.

#1-Drink Water: the single most important nutrient- helps your cells to properly communicate the healing messages, critical for an effective detoxification, vital for all your body systems to function correctly to boost immune system.

#2-Whole food diet: eat food found in nature as close to original form as possible without added toxins (a toxin is anything not currently useable by the cells and includes pesticides), a whole food diet has many known and many ‘hidden’ benefits that will boost immune system

#3- Eat Raw Produce: Raw vegetable consumption will give the best immune system boost of any food group, high enzyme levels remove the ‘covering’ from foreign invaders (bad bacteria) and renegade cells (like cancer cells) so the immune system can destroy them.

#4- Eat Raw Leafy Greens: helps bring the body from an acid pH (disease state) to alkaline pH (vitality state), loaded with antioxidants, natural minerals like calcium and magnesium. Food Sources: romaine lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach and parsley.

#5- Eat Carotene-rich produce: vital for boosting immune system as carotene increases number and function of white blood cells, increases T3 and T4 cells, enlarges the thymus which shrinks tumors, protects healthy cells from carcinogens (cancer causing substances) Food Sources: sweet potato, carrot, spinach, cantaloupe, kale, turnip greens, papaya, broccoli, apricots, mango, peaches and butternut squash.

#6-Apples and Cilantro: both have very special abilities to remove heavy metals (which weakens the immune system) from the body.

#7- Juicing: fresh raw vegetable juice is the most concentrated whole food source of nutrients for the body. It will give the best immune system boost because it is not only raw but also has concentrated nutrients. For example, a carrot that is eaten contributes about 30% of nutrients to cell use while a carrot juiced contributes 90% of nutrients to cell use. Juicing is an excellent source of carotenes and enzymes.

If you have a weak immune system, the question you must ask is What is out of balance and lacking in your body’?. Correcting as many imbalances as possible with healthy lifestyle choices and a great diet will allow you to boost your immune system and increase your quality of life!


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