Enjoy The Season In Good Health

The whole Christmas season can be a bit overwhelming for some of us.  Holiday parties, shopping, decorating, baking and all the additional expectations at this time of year can take their toll both physically and emotionally.  Time we typically spend being active, working out and relaxing is often needed to meet all of our Christmas obligations.  Meals and food choices can be affected in an effort to save time.  We may find our hours of restful sleep reduced.  Even the volume of traffic on the roads can be a source of stress at this time of year.  What is a busy person to do?  How do we truly find the joy in the season?  I doubt that anyone has the simple answer.  We are all unique and capable of managing our lives with a variety of different strategies.  What works well for someone may prove difficult for someone else.  If you truly do want to find joy in the holidays try one or more of the following ideas:

Breathe Deeply



Let Go!


Practise Yoga

Be Realistic

Smile Often

Drink More Water

Hug Someone You Love

Do Something Nice For Someone You Don’t Know Everyday……& Start Today!!


Find Your Joy!

Kim Agostino




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