Have you heard of the Woman Alive! Program?

As you know the YWCA offers many free programs that encourage women to have a healthy and active lifestyle. These programs assist women by increasing their level of knowledge and skills so that they are able maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Woman Alive program is one of the free programs at the YWCA Hamilton. It’s a FREE physical activity program for women facing barriers to participation. This FREE program consists of two, 1 hour physical activity session per week , including  different activities such as group fitness, aqua fitness, pilates , zumba and yoga.

The program runs for 10 weeks and includes 3 extended sessions providing information on a Varity of health topics such as healthy eating, stress management, healthy lifestyles and more……. Woman Alive supports women by teaching them to understand the importance of their own health and helping them to develop strategies and skills for improvement.

Woman Alive! provides free child minding, healthy snacks, healthy talks, bus tickets and prizes. There are 6 locations in the Hamilton area.

It is free to come and try! If you need more information call Rana Aldibs @ 905-5229922 ext.118 YWCA Hamilton.


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