NOW is the best time to start quitting!

Smoking and exercise have two major things in common: your heart and your lungs.  Both affect your cardiovascular and your respiratory systems for better or worse.  Smoking and exercise have the power to determine your risk of developing  diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease.  Smoking increases risks while exercise helps reduce those same risks.

If you are a smoker and tried everything BUT exercise to help you quit, it’s about time you added exercise into the mix!  As you attempt to quit again – give exercise a brand new generous opportunity to make a difference in your life!  This means that for a while, you will be smoking AND exercising!  Exercise will help you quit.

The moment you start exercising, (similar to the moment you stop smoking), your body instantly begins to react positively.  Small bouts of exercise make a big difference in general – yes, even as a smoker!   For now, you are better off smoking AND exercising as opposed to smoking and NOT exercising. 

This new year, YWCA Hamilton is partnering with The Lung Association to launch a free exercise program to help you kick this habit to boot for good!  We want to help you Quit & Get Fit!  This program will be offered at both of our YWCA Hamilton locations – MacNab and Ottawa Street.

With so many smokers searching for all kinds of ways to quit smoking, this initiative has attracted an unprecedented amount of interest – to the point where we have reached our capacity for this registered program – registration is now FULL.  (But stay tuned for upcoming sessions).

In the meantime, get a head start on quitting right now by adding exercise into the mix of your routine.   If you’re a smoker and already exercising – congratulations, your heart and lung thank you and are that much better of for it!  Visit the Lung Association for more details about quitting and about the instant benefits to your body and general wellbeing.

Don’t give up on quitting!  Try again!  Be a quitter!

If you are an ex-smoker share with us your success story!



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