Triceps Dips on the Sofa. Not.

For weeks now, every time I pick up a newspaper or magazine, or check out a fitness website, they’re all full of articles with titles like ‘How to Keep On Track this Season’ or ‘Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain.’ And these pieces are full of ideas such as walking from the furthest corner of the mall parking lot (as if you have a choice – been to Limeridge lately???) or filling up on carrot sticks and a dry crust of bread before the party. There was an article in the Hamilton Spectator that outlined a whole workout program to do in spare minutes inside your home, jogging from room to room, doing exercises as you go: burpees in the living room, jumping rope in the dining room, squats in the hall and so on.

Come on, seriously? I say, if you’ve got time to follow some goofy made-up fitness regimen, you’ve got time to keep to your usual routine, or at least a modified version of it. And if you want to eat a mincemeat tart, eat a mincemeat tart. Enjoy it. Just don’t eat seven of them. For most people, savouring some of the goodies that are part of holiday celebrations and family traditions is not an icy toboggan run to disaster.

I don’t put much stock in gimmicky tricks for sticking to a fitness plan, or even in willpower, especially not over the long haul. I think people do what they want to do. The key is to be aware of what it is you really want – and making sure your actions are congruent with your values. Or as that old fitness guru Polonius says in Hamlet: To thine own self be true.

Or Yoda: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

I know we are all pulled in many directions; there are demands on our time and resources that we cannot always control and we find ourselves in situations that are not conducive to the best choices for health and fitness. So we have to be flexible, adjust our expectations, do our best. But we’ll never get far off track if we keep in mind the values we truly believe in.

How’s this for a new year’s resolution that you can actually keep: Do what you want, what you really, really want.

And have a happy, healthy New Year.

– posted by Barb


One response to “Triceps Dips on the Sofa. Not.

  1. It must be a great post if it has a Yoda quote!!!!! Indeed-just do it!!!!

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