Getting Back on Track After the Holidays!

Yes, it is hard to believe it is all over for another year!  Hopefully the holidays left you with some great memories of spending time with loved ones.  Unfortunately, the holidays may also have left you with a few extra pounds or an upside down workout and healthy eating schedule.  The most important thing is to get right back on track!  Here are a few tips:

Healthy Eating:

-increase your water intake

-increase your vegetable intake

-reduce, or eliminate, pre-packed products, white flour, white sugar and alcohol

-eat breakfast that contains a good source of whole grains and protein


-shake up your workout!  Try circuit training (1 min cardio, alternated with one weight exercise) 

-reduce sitting time!  Look at your day and see where you could sit less!  Do you spend time at the computer or reading?  Could you do either one of these activities standing for a small stretch of time?

Remember, as soon as we get back to it, the better we will feel and the healthier we will be.  These little changes can add up to big results. So, choose 1 or 2 of the above ideas, and start with that TODAY!


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