Hey Personal Trainers-do you need CECs?

Many people likely don’t realise the amount of education it takes to be a certified, not to mention fabulous!, personal trainer or group fitness instructor.  In addition to our initial training to become certified, to maintain our certification we must have yearly continuing education credits (CECs).  This ensures that we stay informed regarding the latest fitness research and trends. 

So, you may ask, how do trainers and instructors go about getting these CECs?  There are a few options.  The one that we love the most is the yearly fitness conferences that we attend to, you guessed it, learn about and talk fitness for a few days with a bunch of other fitness people.  What could be more fun?  The next conference that many of us are excited to attend is CPTN’s Dare to be Excellent Conference May 31, June 1 and 2 in Toronto

So, if you are a trainer in need of those CECs or just wish to take in some great fitness info, check out the link below to view the conference brochure.  And, yes this is also a shameless self promotion as I am very excited to be presenting at this conference this year!  (http://www.cptn.com/Conferences/2012/Documents/Conference_2012_Brochure.pdf



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