Fueling your body: When should I Refuel?

Many athletes and intense exercisers are obsessed with refueling their bodies immediately after exercise.  Refueling glycogen occurs for several hours after exercise, just at a slowing rate. Muscles given an adequate amount of carbohydrate-based meals will refuel within 24 hours. If you have 24 hours before your next training session or if you have just done a moderate workout, you should not worry about fueling immediately after a workout.

For athletes and individuals who plan more than one intense bout of exercise per/day it is important that they fuel as soon as is tolerable after a workout. The sooner you consume carbohydrates to replace the depleted muscle glycogen, and protein to repair damaged muscle, the sooner you will be able to exercise hard again.

TIP: If your goal is to lose weight try to plan your workout to finish before a meal time. This will help you avoid eating extra carbohydrates before a meal.


Sources: Recovering from Hard Exercise. Clark, Nancy. The American Academy of Health and Fitness-Issue22. Feb.22.2012.


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