Yoga Lifestyle

The benefits of yoga practice are many.  Too many to cover in one blog post.  I’d like to narrow this discussion to the “lifestyle enhancing” aspects of a regular yoga practice.

The original and ancient guidelines of yoga serve as a prescription for basic moral and ethical conduct and the importance of self-discipline.  Who among us wouldn’t benefit from more of that?   These guidelines can direct our attention toward better health and help us acknowledge any of the spiritual aspects of our nature.  Make no mistake, however;  yoga is not a religion or belief system.  It is simply an opportunity to quiet a turbulent mind, remove obstacles and find contentment.  Learning to be in stillness and silence for short periods of time encourages present moment awareness.  Our busy lives so often have us racing ahead of the clock and on a perpetual treadmill toward the next obligation or task.  Mindfulness is built through that present moment awareness and can give us the tools we need to be our best possible expression of humanity.  Yoga encourages gratitude and I believe gratitude grounds us and adds an important perspective to our daily life.

Try a class or simply try being still and quiet for a few short minutes a day.  Give your mind and body a rest.  Appreciate all that you are, all that you have and all that you can offer!




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