Exercising While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

Can a pregnant woman exercise?  YES!!!  What kinds of exercises should she do?  Pregnant women should try to keep their exercise to a light or moderate level, so things like low-impact aerobic classes, walking, swimming, AquaFit, Prenatal Yoga, and definitely stretching are good options.

Before starting any exercise routine, talk with your doctor/midwife and see what kinds of exercise you should do or what you should be avoiding.  If you are normally someone who doesn’t exercise on a regular basis, you should start out very light, 2-3 times per week, allowing for a day to rest in between workouts.

Remember to keep that water bottle handy and full!  You don’t want to get overheated.

If you find that you are uncomfortable doing any particular exercise, stop doing it.

Discuss with your fitness instructor/personal trainer that you are pregnant and let them know what advice your health professional gave to you, so they can help you stay healthy and active during your entire pregnancy.

Most importantly, keep moving!!!  Remember that exercising will not only help you maintain your weight, but will help you during labour and birth too.

Don’t forget to follow your healthy eating plan too!

– posted by Jen


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