Healthy Snacks for Kids on the Go

Do you run from work, to school, to practice and then home for dinner, homework, bath and bed?  It is a challenge to manage all of these things not to mention, continue to keep everyone well fed!  Having some healthy snacks at the ready are key to ensuring that everyone can tackle the day with the most energy!  It is simply not true that active kids can eat whatever they want because they will “burn it off”.  The issue here is not calorie intake, but rather laying a solid foundation of health through nutrition for children as they move forward in life.  Grabbing a donut and pop at the drive thru on the way to practice is unacceptable as that child will not be able to feel and perform his/her best with that “food” fuelling him/her. 

So, what is a busy parent to do?  Take a bit of time with your kids on sunday to prepare snacks for the week.  Get kids involved so they can feel in control and a part of this process.  So, what are our favourite quick and healthy snacks?

Trail mix-make your own and don’t be afraid to experiment!  Head to the Bulk Barn and let the kids choose some ingredients.  Shoot for unprocessed and unsalted nuts, seeds and dried fruit. (Note, if you are heading to practice, ensure you child washes her hands in case of any nut allergies on the team!)

Yogurt tubes-these are a great, easily transported choice.  You can serve them as they are, or freeze them for a refreshing treat.

Fruit of any kind!Having prepared a few containers of berries, or some cut up cantelope or bananas on hand are an easy, healthy option.  Once again, involve the kids in the process of choosing.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  You don’t have to stick to apples and oranges!  There are so many options!

Veggies and hummus What kid doesn’t like to dip their food in something?  Well, I am sure some don’t, but this is definately a great option.  Chop up a variety-carrots, cucumbers, peppers of various colours, and pack a container of hummus and you are set!

Granola bars?????These are a tricky choice.  Many granola bars, although they sound so healthy, are just loaded with sugar.  There are better choices out there so have a look at the granola bar you are choosing.  Try for more “stuff” (that is, dried fruit, nuts etc), more fibre and the least amount of sugar you can find! 

And mom and dad-don’t forget to walk the walk yourself and choose these healthy snacks right along with the kids!!!! 


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