Road Trip!!

So, as it is (perhaps?!) approaching the time of year that we start road tripping, how do we keep activity on the menu when we must sit in the car for hours to get where we are going?  Adding to this challenge is how we keep the kids busy all the while!  The first step?  Be creative!  Try to think about all of the ways we can keep the (NON-DRIVERS of course!) moving.  Also ensure whatever you are choosing, isn’t going to be distracting to the driver.  So, what could we do?  How about freeze dance, car style?  Turn the radio on and let the non-drivers wiggle in their seats.  Or how about aerobics in the car?  Keep that music on and let all of the passengers march, heel dig and toe tap to the beat.  Simon says would work here too! 

Don’t forget about that driver.  Plan some stops along the way so the driver can stretch her legs too!  Toss a soccer ball in the trunk and have a quick game of soccer at the next rest stop. 

Ever notice the word “fit” is in fitness?  That is because, with some creative thinking, we can “fit fitness” in anywhere! 

Happy, active trails!!

Posted byDeanna, off on a road trip tomorrow!…….Good luck to my son’s hockey team in the Alliance Hockey Championships!  Go Cyclones GO!


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