What Makes Us Happy?

What makes us happy and healthy?

A very interesting study out of Harvard University began in 1937 with just over 250 students.   The main focus of the study was what created and maintained health and happiness.  Over the course of many years the subjects were interviewed,  had regular physical examinations,   had blood tests and psychological profiles completed and filled out questionnaires.   They were followed through school,  marriage,  kids,  divorces,  grandchildren,  careers,  retirement and even death in many cases.  Dates and causes of death were documented.  Research grew to include over 800 man and women.  Among the many findings seven major factors to predicting  healthy physical and psychological aging emerged:

1. Mature Adaptations (including 4 levels of response to an event or situation)


3.Stable Marriage

4.Not Smoking

5.Not Abusing Alcohol

6.Some Exercise (the key here is “some”)

7.Healthy Body Weight

For more details  see the Grant Study http://www.theatlantic.com/video/archive/2009/05/the-pursuit-of-happiness/24300/



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