May Miscellany

Here’s a collection of bits and pieces that may interest or amuse.

Staying motivated to work out is a continuing challenge, even for confirmed fitness fans. Tips for staying committed include setting a goal with an end date; breaking a larger goal into smaller steps along the way so that you have encouraging victories; trying a different class or workout weekly to change things up and keep it interesting. Sometimes technology can help, too. Here’s a list of iphone apps that have been highly rated:

Scarlett Johansson took some tabloid flak for being thin in The Avengers. In this piece from the Huffington Post, she explains the importance of working out/eating right and being a good role model.

Here are some zany ideas for using household objects for other than their original purpose. Some I wouldn’t recommend, some – have you ever been caught without a corkscrew? – are genius.

Jane Brody’s column in the New York Times on the value of optimism suggests, among other things, that we should surround ourselves with positive, upbeat people. Such as the instructors and trainers at YWCA Hamilton. Well, she doesn’t actually say that – but she would have if she knew us!


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