Mmmm Coffee!

When I first started the opening shift (6 am) my biggest concern was how to get my morning coffee! Except for a local franchise which I suspect is open 24 hours and is 3 blocks from work, nothing opened until 8 am.  And, I love my coffee and I didn’t want to wait until 8 a.m. for a coffee that was just “ok”, so I began bringing it to work with the added benefit that it saves me money!  I buy a locally roasted, fair-trade, organic coffee, dark roast. Actually, I’m sipping a cup now. Ahhhh. It is worth every cent.

I drink 2 cups in the morning and seldom any after noon.  I say seldom because on those rare times I get a headache, I found coffee actually helps!  It turns out that caffeine is in many over-the-counter pain medications.  According to a article on headache and coffee, caffeine makes pain relievers more effective in relieving headaches and brings faster relief.

Coffee is really popular if the number of coffee shops that have sprung up over recent years is any indication.  For us coffee drinkers, more good news! According to a recent study released May 16, 2012 by the National Institutes of Health, “older adults who drank coffee had a lower risk of death overall than those who did not drink coffee.” The study, which went on for over 10 years, was adjusted for other risk factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol.  It goes on to elaborate that “coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections, although the association was not seen for cancer.”

So, I can relax and enjoy my morning coffee, no sugar, no cream, just a little skim milk. It is a low calorie pleasure, as long as no cream or sugar is added.  For me, there is nothing better than that first cup in the morning. Unless I was drinking it at a campsite by Pancake Bay.


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