Outdoor Fitness Equipment? How Cool!!!

Spec Kids, City of Hamilton, Rotary, Kiwanis and many others joined in on Saturday June 9 to celebrate the new Green Gym Equipment installed at Jackie Washington Rotary Park on Wellington Street North, just north of Barton. (Many of you may remember this site as the site of the Plastimet fire.) Thanks go to volunteers at the Hamilton Spectator for $30,000 of fundraising for this new, innovative outdoor equipment.  If you haven’t experienced it, it is time to take a trip to this park.

Green Gym takes ordinary fitness centre equipment, and makes it. . .  well, outdoor fitness equipment.  YWCA Staff Sheri attended the event and loved the equipment, but what she really loved is that parents and children were playing together on the equipment!!! And it is so much fun to workout in the outdoors! Instructions are posted on the equipment.

This really gives “going to the park” a new twist.  Now instead of sitting on the bench and watching the kids play, everyone can play. The park also has a basketball court, washrooms, and lots of grassy area to play in.  Bike racks are coming.

Green Gym equipment is also installed at Woodlands Park at Barton and Wentworth.






Download Jackie Washington Park 005.jpg (905.3 KB)



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