Running Wild

I had the chance in the last week to spend a few days camping at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. It’s a favorite destination because of its wonderful situation on Lake Huron, its varied natural surroundings (forest, wetlands, shoreline) with an assortment of hiking trails, and great campsites.  And, as an extra bonus, since it’s northwest of Hamilton, you don’t have to go through Toronto traffic to get to it. In fact, the drive, through farmland and small towns such as Fergus, Harriston and Paisley, is a pleasure in itself.

I said ‘hiking’ trails, but in fact several of the trails are suitable for biking or running. These pictures were taken on a perfect summer morning, on a running route that comprised the Old Shore Road Trail, the Townline road, and the Tower Trail.


The breeze off the lake was very refreshing!



A deer crossed the road moments before I snapped this pic.


‘No Motorized Vehicles Beyond This Point’ – those words are music to my ears!

We also had a chance to get in some bike riding, swimming, hiking and kayaking along the Saugeen River. Oh, and a little reading on the beach – can’t be active all the time!

– posted by Barb


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