New classes=new skills!

Step, my current “favourite” aerobic class was today! And I was even happier that I had to run down 2 floors to our fitness center to get more step benches! Which made me think. There were definitely some new folks at the class today!

I remember when I took my first aerobic class, years ago. I didn’t know how to do the steps. Sometimes I even stayed behind and asked the instructor to “show me again how to do a grapevine in an L? Please?” Instructors always love to give a little extra help and praise someone for finally “getting it”.

Whenever I give a tour of our facility (the best kept secret in Hamilton by the way), I always encourage clients to take classes. I am always inspired by people taking classes. Everyone is different, and doing it with others often prompts me to try harder. The instructor prompts “2 more” just when I am ready to stop, and I think , “OK, I CAN do 2 more!” and if Sue can do these, then I am definitely going to do it also!

Many of our regular clients have become friends also, even meeting after class for coffee or tea.

Taking exercise classes also teaches you new exercises. OK, say you have a basic program you have been using, for . . . months? Time to change it up! Instructors are always looking for new ideas for their classes, so take advantage of their expertise. Learn some new exercises by attending classes.

Now, I know it is uncomfortable going to a class you have never done before, for the first time. But, research is showing that learning new skills is definitely good for you. The first class is the hardest, and you only have to do it once. After that, it won’t be your first time. You definitely become more comfortable with the steps, routines, instructors, etc. the more you attend.

So, congratulations to our “first time” clients who make a positive change in their own lives by joining the YWCA fitness centre. And to all our members, take advantage of our variety of classes led by inspiring instructors. There is definitely something for everyone!



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