MEC Race

Mountain Equipment Co-op, purveyors of all things sporty and outdoorsy, have launched a road race series. The first in Burlington was held on Saturday Aug. 25, at LaSalle Park. The 5 and 10 k routes wound along Northshore Blvd., through beautiful tree-lined streets, and up and down a few challenging hills.

The field was small, but the competition was steep: Olympian Reid Coolsaet ran the 10k. He graciously posed for photos with other runners after the race, including our own Marlin, who also had an impressive 10 k time.


Besides being fun and challenging, these races have the added appeal of a low registration fee: only $15. I think I ate that much post-race watermelon!

MEC plans to continue their race series with a 5 and 10 k ‘Fall Classic’ on October 27. For more information and to sign up, go to

– Barb


2 responses to “MEC Race

  1. Thanks for the info as I live in the GTA. $15 is a steal! Happy Running!

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