Regain your balance…one exercise at a time!

Each month I put together a handout for some of our specialty classes-Bones Plus which is for people with, or at risk for, osteoporosis and for our Heartbeat program which is for people who have had cardiac surgeries or events (heart attacks, or cardiac bypass).  This month, I thought we would focus on exercises to improve one’s balance.  Here are a few great calf exercises to help improve your balance from this month’s handout!  They are in order of intensity, so choose what is challenging, but safe for you!

Calf Raises for balance-Option 1!  (on both feet)





Calf Raise-Option 2! (on one foot only)





Calf Raise-Option 3! (one foot on floor and the other is just gently pressing the heel into the ball.  Most of the weight remains on the standing leg.  **You MUST have a chair (shown in B) for support in case you lose your balance.

a) Side view





b) back view-note chair for balance


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