An adult has fallen unconscious in front of you. Would you know what to do?

We tend to think it won’t happen to us, but, unfortunately emergencies happen everyday.  If someone was to fall unconscious, if someone cut themselves badly, if a child started to choke while you were eating dinner in a restaurant, would you know what to do?

If your answer is no, it is time to take a first aid course.  Emergency first aid covers life threatening emergencies including cardiac or respiratory arrest (meaning a person has no signs of circulation and/or no breathing), blocked airway and deadly bleeding.  Adult, child and infant skills are covered here.  Standard first aid includes these life threatening emergencies as well, but also teaches how to care for broken bones, head injuries and cuts to name a few. 

Our job as first aid instructors is to arm you with the skills to deal with all of these situations, but in addition, we work on trying to ensure you can remain calm in the face of an emergency.  We work to help you have confidence in yourself to perform these skills, giving you a step by step procedure to ensure you make the best choice for an injured person. 

Check the Canadian Red Cross’ website ( and click the “find a course in your area” button, or call the local Red Cross branch ((905) 522-8485 ) for the next course. 

Stay safe-prevention is the best treatment!!



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