Exercise Tabata-Style!

They don’t know it yet, but tonight in our Bootcamp class, we’re going to try a couple of exercises Tabata-style!  By now I am sure you have heard of this latest fitness craze, tabata – right?  The 4-minute workout?!  It’s quite simple but very effective.

You work in an all-out effort for increments of 20 seconds.  Each all-out effort is followed by 10 seconds of rest – repeat this pattern for 4 minutes.  Try it! Start with simple calisthenic exercises that you’re already used to, such as free squats and jumping jacks.

Tabata is a vigorous workout that can still quite easily cater to a variety of fitness levels.  If you have not tried anything with vigorous intensity in a while – and you are in a healthy state to try, you should definitely try this!

If you are an avid follower of the Monday Campaigns posted weekly in our gym, then you know that this week’s focus was on exercise intensity – how hard are you working?

There are three general categories that you should be aware of: light intensity, moderate intensity and of course – vigorous intensity.  With light intensity, you are pretty much in a relaxed state; moderate intensity picks up your heart rate a bit, such as during a brisk walk – but you’re still able to maintain a conversation quite easily.  Lastly – vigorous intensity makes an ongoing conversation tough!  You’re breathing very hard and your heart rate is definitely above the 80% zone!  If you need a little help getting to that zone, Tabata will take you there – 20 seconds at a time!

So, are you up for a challenge? (nod)

**remember to check with your doctor first, especially if you are a beginner**



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