Hey #fithamilton check out Nordic Pole Walking at the #ottawastreet YWCA!!

In the Fall, the Ottawa St. YWCA started a new fitness program called
“NORDIC POLE WALKING … the smarter way to walk!” The group meets Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm starting at the Ottawa St. YWCA to beautiful Gage Park.
Here are 5 benefits to Nordic Walking.
1. Burns up to 46% more calories
2. Incorporates 90% of all muscles in one exercise

3. Helps to eliminates back, shoulder and neck pain

4. Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints

5. Develops upright body posture

Here is our current Nordic Walking group!

As well, check out the youtube video  below supporting our Marauders.  Can you find our walkers???


If you are interested in learning more about this beneficial walking
program, please contact Deb Hannah, Fitness Coordinator Ottawa St YWCA 905 5456249 ex 22. Please call ahead to reserve a set of poles to try out. Poles can also be purchased thru the instructor. Happy Walking!!!

One response to “Hey #fithamilton check out Nordic Pole Walking at the #ottawastreet YWCA!!

  1. Great to see Nordic walking in the news

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