Its crunch time!!!

No, it is not time to do 100 abdominal crunches (we know that they aren’t all that effective anyway!).  What I mean is that we are getting down to the wire of hectic holiday schedules.  Have you let your workout routine slide?  No?  Great job!!  Yes?  Well, don’t let it get away from you totally and give up, thinking, “I will get back to it January 1st”.  We all know New Year’s resolutions don’t work.  The time for action is now.  SCHEDULE in 20-30 mins of activity each day, between now and January 1st.  Get to the gym if you can-we still have lots of great classes running!!!  Or think outside of the box-when you go shopping, take a few laps around the mall before you buy.  And you are sure to get some agility work dodging other shoppers 🙂  Or, stand up and march in between wrapping gifts.  Need a gift idea for a friend?  Why not pay for a class pass for you and friend to go have a workout together and then go out for a healthy lunch.  Spending time is often harder than spending money! 

Whatever the case, don’t give up on your activity!  You will feel better and be way ahead of the game come January 1st!! 

Keep moving!!


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