Shake Up Your Shopping!!

Are you tired of the same old same old when you go grocery shopping? Always, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, beans? Try some of the healthy alternatives listed below from and let your tastebuds go wild!

Shake up your next shop by trying something new. You might just love it!
• Soynuts – Serve as a snack: high in protein & lower in calories than peanuts
• Kohlrabi – Mild broccoli-like flavour
• Kefir – Tart, tasty fermented dairy beverage
• Rye Crackers – Also called crispbread or flatbread
• Frozen dark leafy vegetables – Tired of wilted fresh kale and spinach? Buy frozen instead!
• Greek yogurt – 2X the protein of traditional yogurt
• Calamari – Try frozen squid rings—fast & kid friendly!
• Millet – High fibre, iron-rich substitute for rice, pasta & potatoes
• Dried Figs – Skip cookies and enjoy 2 figs instead!
• Lentils – A protein powerhouse!

Let us know your favs! And check out more healthy suggestions at



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