Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!

Check out this great info from YWCA fitness staff Allaina! Great thoughts as you start the week!

Hello everyone,
Sunday night is finally here and I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Tomorrow is Monday which marks the start of the week. Perfect time to implement some new changes and incorporate them into your daily routine!

I want to take some time right now to share some information about everyone’s favorite activity – cardio! Diet and nutrition are key to fueling your body and ensuring it has what it needs to function properly on a cellular level, but cardiovascular activity is the key ingredient to losing weight and keeping your heart healthy.

What are the benefits of cardiovascular activity?-Reduced resting heart rate (indicating your heart doesn’t have to work as hard in a resting state),weight loss, reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, and depression., increased heart function resulting in higher oxygen and nutrient delivery to the body.

How to measure effective cardiovascular activity:-Target heart rate is the heart rate you want to obtain to perform effective training and can be found using this formula from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
220-age= Maximum heart rate (Max. HR)
Max HR x 0.55 = Lower range (Stay above!)
Max HR x 0.7 = Higher range (Stay below!)
-Rate of perceived exertion is also great tool to use. This is your own rating of how hard you think you are working. You should be a 7-8/10 for effective cardiovascular training. This can also be called the conversational pace, the pace that you can carry on a conversation without being too winded. If you find yourself talking up a storm without getting winded, you should pick up the pace!!
**Check with your doctor before beginning a new activity!

Examples:-walking, jogging, rowing, performing resistance training at a high intensity (fast), Zumba (or other dance classes), swimming, climbing stairs, Wii games (Just Dance etc.)
-Be creative with it! If your heart rate is up, you are breathing heavily and you’re sweating – then you are doing it right!
Find what exercise you like the best. Trial and error! Don’t be afraid of sweating or “looking funny”. Just do it! Throw some music on. The more you enjoy it, the more you will participate!
Happy sweating everyone!


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