October Breast Cancer Awareness Month ywcaencore Stories of Inspiration & Hope

BIG OR SMALL SAVE THEM ALL – I wear that on a t-shirt and I do not take that message lightly. At age 43, I lost one breast to breast cancer and my drive and passion is to help and empower women who have also suffered this life-altering disease. I am honoured to be an employee of the YWCA Hamilton with their strong commitment to the health and wellness of all women, and ambassadors at reaching out to women with breast cancer. The YWCA Hamilton offers the ywcaencore program, a free after breast cancer exercise program for all women. This program runs three times a year, once a week for eight weeks. The program offers gentle therapeutic exercises on land and in the water to help women build strength and increase flexibility and mobility. The setting is fun and supportive and provides a safe environment for sharing and building lasting friendships. In addition, throughout the eight weeks, women are educated and empowered through relevant discussions and community speakers.

We have been privileged to share in the lives of over 130 women and we honour them this month. They have shown great courage in the face of fear; strength when the body was weary; compassion even in the midst of their own crisis and a spirit that is inspiring beyond words. With these women as inspiration, we are presenting you this month with various stories from women who have been through breast cancer and have been impacted through the ywcaencore program. They share their stories, their hearts and their lessons.

May their messages be heard by women everywhere and may it ignite a fire in you as it has in me, to continue this fight against breast cancer and to never give up.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie Collingwood
ywcaEncore Coordinator


4 responses to “October Breast Cancer Awareness Month ywcaencore Stories of Inspiration & Hope

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration and a great leader. I am blessed to have met you.

  2. Thank you for your leadership and help Anne Marie. Encore is a wonderful and effective wellness program,

  3. Anne Marie thank you for your truly outstanding leadership with the YWCAencore program. You are a modern day Joan of Arc and we
    are so blessed to have you run this exceptional program and be
    such an inspiration to women.
    Forever grateful, Cecilia

  4. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing or overcoming breast cancer to consider participating in the YWCA Encore Program . This program expands far beyond exercise encompassing overall wellness. Anne Marie’s leadership led us to interesting speakers, introduction to new health foods, Her guidance helped us learn movement to prevent complications and beyond all we laughed and laughed some more. Bless you Anne Marie Sylvia

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