My Breast Cancer Story: From Dream to Nightmare

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ywcaencore Stories of Inspiration & Hope

It all started as a dream……

Three months prior to my diagnosis I had a dream I was emailing my ball team telling them I had breast cancer. I discovered the lump myself while reaching to my left. Next was a trip to my doctor who suspected at my age (38 at the time) it was nothing to worry about and would likely be a cyst. An ultrasound followed, a mammogram and then a biopsy. The dreaded call came from my doctor to come in and see her at 8 p.m. in her office. This would be her last appointment of the day. At that point I knew it was cancer.

My dream three months earlier now became my nightmare. I was told I had grade 3 stage 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma and would need aggressive treatment including a lumpectomy, four months of chemotherapy followed by 36 daily shots of radiation. I was told with treatment my chances of reoccurrence would decrease from 40 percent to 20 percent.

At this point, scared, afraid, shocked, I slowly decided I had to own it, accept it and beat it. I never wanted to be ‘that poor girl with cancer’ and if God was able to get me through this I would promise to help other women get through this, as so many women helped me. 

After treatment, I attended the ywcaencore program, and also took a Breast Health class to learn all I could to continue the battle and be with other survivors. As a survivor, with the many follow-up visits, MRIs and scans, you never forget. You just learn to live with it and continue on the healthy path to remain cancer-free.

Leslie Ubbels, age 43


One response to “My Breast Cancer Story: From Dream to Nightmare

  1. YWCAencore participant

    Leslie, the dream you had three months earlier was your guardian angels (your protectors) sending you a message that you had breast cancer so you would get medical attention. You discovering your lump on your own was no accident. Our guardian angels send messages in many ways to help us and your story is another example of this. Thank you for sharing it.

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