My Breast Cancer Story: Three Lessons

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
ywcaencore Stories of Inspiration & Hope

There is a saying that I would like to share: ‘Life is a Journey, Let Faith be your Guide.’ My journey, like those of so many others, has taken me to places where I felt lost. But when I remember who is really in control, my faith takes over and it is all good….

Good Friday 1973 – it was the following Tuesday that the Doctor’s office called and I was scared – the tests had come back and they were positive. I had stage 4 cervical cancer and I would need to have a hysterectomy. Fear of leaving our young without a mom was all that I could picture. It wasn’t in God’s plan and I feel so blessed everyday to be alive and healthy, sharing with family and friends.

In the winter of 2008, after a busy summer working at our resort, we were getting ready for a welcome vacation in the sunny south. Our sons and their families were also looking forward to staying with Nana & Papa. I was concerned about a larger lump in my breast but having fibrous breasts and yearly mammograms since age 40, it could wait until my next checkup some two months away, right?


Lesson #1 – Don’t Wait!!! Get two or three opinions!!!

Lesson #2 – Ask questions and seek out a support group. ywcaencore introduced me to a great bunch of survivors! It helps to be around others who have walked in your shoes and to feel grateful for the time that we have together.

Lesson #3 – ‘Turn your troubles over to God, He’s going to be up all night anyway.’

God Bless,


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