DIET FREE Habit 8 – Every Day Exercise—Make It Your Middle Name

Here we are on the final week of the 8-week DIET FREE plan. I am feeling pretty proud of myself. With very little effort and never feeling deprived, I have watched 13 pounds melt off my body in the past 7 weeks. Clearly, my eating habits were in need of an overhaul! Casual acquaintances have commented on my slimmer profile, and even better, I am no longer feeling stuffed and bloated. Today I attended a bridal shower for my daughter and I had no desire to stuff my face with hors d’ouvres or sweets. A miracle, really.
So, the last healthy habit concerns exercise. I consider myself a bit of an exercise nut, so this won’t be hard for me, but in reviewing Zonya Foco’s DVD, I noticed a few things I can add to my everyday routine. Zonya claims that this one habit alone can help you lose 20 pounds in a year. Here’s what she has to say:
1. Move More – Even if you already have an exercise program, don’t waste the rest of the day being inactive: take a walk on your lunch break, park farther away, get off the bus a stop early, get up from your desk to confer with a colleague instead of phoning or emailing her.
2. Abandon Pain & Embrace Pleasure – Don’t let pain be your excuse for not exercising. Get over your knee problem or back pain. Try yoga or gentle water exercise. Get your body working symmetrically and get rid of pain.
3. Be Curious & Courageous – Find an activity that you’ve never tried before and give it a go. Try Zumba, tai chi, kick-boxing, water aerobics, spin cycling, or Tabata. Maybe take a ballroom dance class with your partner. For me, running was something I avoided until our early morning group decided to work out on the treadmills together. Although I still can’t say that I love running, I definitely feel stronger as a result of our time on the treadmills (but don’t be looking for me in a marathon any time soon!).
4. Aerobics R U – Become so regular in your exercise routine that your neighbours can set a clock by you. Take your dog for a walk every morning at 6:00 a.m. If your neighbours don’t see you out, they’ll call and check up on you because you are CONSISTENT!
5. Muscle Up For Life – Twice a week—for just 30 minutes—do some resistance training. You can use resistance bands at home, try free weights, or take a muscle class.
6. Get Support – Find an exercise buddy, or go to the gym so consistently that you form friendships with those working out at the same time. Join a race. Set a goal and train for it with a friend. Zonya tells the story of 92-year-old Elda who decided to run in 5K races. She won a gold medal in her age category. It took her 1:25, but at 92 she kept moving consistently until she completed it—and she is COMPLETELY BLIND! What’s your excuse for not joining a race?

The only difference between you and Elda is she said “Yes” to the 8 Healthy Habits that can change your life:
Drink water                             Find the Fat
Include breakfast                 Replace processed food with wholesome
Eat often                                  Eat until no longer full
Tame your sweet tooth     Every day exercise
Here’s to a healthy life!


One response to “DIET FREE Habit 8 – Every Day Exercise—Make It Your Middle Name

  1. Patricia And Dennis

    Congratulations Wendy! Looking forward to seeing the new you. A great plan. Cheers, Pat Baker.

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