YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 1

Welcome to the YWCA’s Fitness Countdown to Christmas!  Just like those goodie filled calendars that provide you with a little surprise every day from December 1st-25th, this list will provide you with (healthier!) helpful hints for making this season a success for your body, mind and spirit!!

Tip #1MAKE A LIST!!  There is a reason that Santa keeps a list and checks it twice!  Before you dive in head first and become over whelmed with all that needs to be done, take some time to make a few lists.  Things that likely need covered-budget, Christmas card list, gift giving list, fitness goals, events to organize, volunteer time you wish to give, charities you’ll donate to, just to name a few.  Jot down all of the “to dos” you can think of, and then sort them out by deadline, so you’ll keep up with it all!

And what about making a list of those things that matter most?  What that list will hold will likely be different for each of us, but things like getting together with family and friends to spend time, not money, often top the list!

And remember….keep moving!!


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