YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

Tip #2-Schedule your workouts in now!  TONIGHT, look at your calendar and the fitness centre/pool class schedules (http://ywcahamilton-org.sitepreview.ca/programs-and-services/adult-fitness-and-aquatics#Fall_Fitness___Aquatic_Schedules) and find a class you love, or perhaps a class you’ve never tried, and write it in your calendar before it gets full!   The night before you have planned to attend a class, prepare your gym bag, shoes, water bottle and snack so when the time comes, there is NO EXCUSE!  You are just as important as everyone and everything else!!!

A little extra workout inspiration:

“Today is another chance to make yourself proud.”  Anonymous

“Some quit due to slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress….is progress.”  -Rolsey

Keep moving!!


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