YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 8

Tip #8-How are those lists coming? It is time to update!

We often get off to a great start with list making, but let them fall by the wayside as we move forward and get totally off track!! I am a HUGE fan of lists as you can tell (and my family and co-workers can verify!). I believe they are key to staying organized (and to keeping my sanity!).

TONIGHT, take a minute to update the lists you’ve made. Tick off the items you’ve completed/gifts you’ve bought. TONIGHT is also the time to begin another list. This one will include gifts purchased (and maybe where you hid them if needed?), money spent (with a column of where you budgeted this expense if you have used a credit card) and finally, a running budget total.

Just as we are left with extra pounds after the holidays, many are left with debt. Keeping a handle on what you are spending as you go, and more importantly, what you have left in your budget, can keep you on track financially this time of year!!


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