YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 20

Tip #20-A big thanks to fitness centre staff member, Charlotte, for today’s awesome idea!!

Holiday TV watching is, for many, part of holiday rituals.  Watching your favourite Christmas movie (A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation are my two really silly favourites I must admit!!) can be a nice way to hang out with family and friends or enjoy some solo, peaceful time.  BUT that doesn’t mean we have to be seated for the entire 2 hours of the movie.  Why not play a “TV exercise game” while watching?!  Choose a certain word, or an actor’s catch phrase and stand up and do 15 squats every time this word/phrase is spoken for example.  The possibilities for this game are endless-squats, lunges, push ups, marching, knee lifts…..anything to move more and sit less!  Have fun!


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