YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 21

Tip #21-Another idea from the Hamilton Spectator’s “10 ways to stay on a healthful track during the holidays”:

“Earn your treats before you indulge.  Treats aren’t really enjoyable if they just leave you feeling guilty afterward.  Eat healthfully the day before heading out to that holiday party or (and!) work up a sweat before sitting down to a big holiday meal.”

And to add my two cents-just say no!  You don’t have to have every treat/course offered.  Ask for/choose more of a salad course, and cut down on the treats.  If you know you are going to feel unwell after you indulge, then why are you indulging so much?  Moderate is key!!  Aim to enjoy the day of (and the day after!!!) your event!! –Keep moving!


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