YWCA Fitness Countdown to Christmas-Day 24

Tip #24-This is it.  The day before and I hope you are
feeling under control.  If not, review that “to-do” list today and re-consider whether every little thing on that list really needs to be done.  Rather than
worrying about organizing every inch of your house, let yourself find some
short cuts.  Gather up piles of paper and items you haven’t found space for, and just tuck them in a room that you won’t be using tomorrow (try the classic “stuff it under the bed” kid’s trick!).  Set aside some time for activity today-even if it is just a 10 min walk-you’ll feel better for it. Spend some extra time with family and friends (and take some extra pictures….that you are in too…not just behind the camera!).  Enjoy the day!


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