What’s new this year in the YWCA fitness centre? It’s “WISP-y” and its a “HIIT”!

Looking for something new to kick start your 2015?  Join us for one of this year’s top fitness trends, HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  We’ve been doing this already (of course we are ahead of the pack! 🙂 ) with our Tabata classes, but we are changing up the challenge with different HIIT formats!!  Remember…..challenge = change!  Come and join us on Mondays at 12:15 in the MacNab Street gym.

Or, are you a Nordic Walker/outdoor Walker that is looking to maintain her fitness, but would like to come in out of the cold?  This session we are offering a WISP class (“Walking Indoors with Strength and Posture”) whereby we will be doing some walking in the gym, but adding strength and posture exercises and intervals to keep strong over the winter.

Come and see us for a free week trial!  Give us a call if you have questions: 905-522-9922 ext 118, or send me an email at dlawson-langford@ywcahamilton.org



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