Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week 2 Fit Tip!

Organize, Organize, Organize!

One of the most common barriers to success in adhering to a fitness program, is perceived lack of time. Those who regularly attend their gyms/classes aren’t blessed with extra hours in their week, but instead have managed their time to fit in their workouts. So, what’s the key?  Organization!

Here are a few thoughts for consideration:

  1. Start your week off ahead of the game. On Sunday (or whatever day is the start of your week) take 10 mins to sit down with your various calendars (i.e. your work and personal calendar, partner’s schedule, kid’s schedules, medical appointments etc.). Review all of these events and ensure you have all schedules recorded in your central calendar. Two things now happen-you feel calm and in control of the week to come, and you’ll find those opportunities to fit in activity.
  2. Remember that every workout doesn’t have to be a full hour in the gym. Every step counts! Early for work? Walk up and down the stairs a few times. Waiting at hockey/ballet/piano etc. for your kids-don’t just sit there! Get up and walk around the arena or studio, or go out for a walk. Many facilities now have exercise training areas for their athletes-ask studio owners if you can access these facilities while your child is at her activity.
  3. Invest in some wearable technology! There are many options available-Fitbit and Garmin are two popular choices. Do some research and see what might best suit you. These gadgets are helpful to help realize how much time you spend inactive, remind you to get moving, give you a “high-five” when you reach your goals, monitor your sleeping and water intake, just to name a few functions.
  4. Plan in your workouts. Block out time in your calendar like you would for a doctor’s appointment-making your health a top priority! Let’s face-exercise is medicine, so just as important as those medical appointments!


Do your best, and just keep moving!


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