Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week Five Fit Tip!

Variety is Key!

As we enter week 5 in our challenge, we wish to remind you how important variety is in a workout program. If you have been doing the same workout for the last year, your body has adapted to this, and will not be challenged to make any changes, or become stronger and fitter.  How can you change things up?  In your current YWCA membership, you have included 2 appointments with a fitness staff.  During this appointment, your trainer can add a few new exercises to shake things up.  If you’re looking for something more, on an ongoing basis, we have fully certified personal trainers that can create programs specific to your goals, current fitness level and schedule.

Other options? Try a new piece of machinery-if you’re use to the treadmill, try the rower or the stepmill.  If you’re a die-hard tabata participant, try a Barre class or Zumba.

Share with us what new option you tried this week? And, have fun!




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