Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week Five Nutrition Tip!

Simply Cook and Enjoy!

Here are some quick tips to help you make great nutrition choices! A few tips below to get the food thoughts flowing…….then google, search instagram or pintrest for some great new ideas!  Use this week to discover some new websites that you’ll use moving forward!

In a Hurray

TIP 1: Simplify weekday cooking. Prepare some ingredients in advance.

TIP 2: In a hurry? Take a kitchen shortcut with healthier convenience foods.

TIP 3: Feeling short on time? Enjoy a sandwich for supper.

TIP 4: Time-crunched? Good-for-you meals can take less time than take-out!

TIP 5: Double up! Make a double batch of breakfast on the weekend to enjoy during the week.

Make it Easy

TIP 6: Cook once. Eat twice. Make weeknight cooking a breeze with planned extras.

TIP 7: Make a no-fuss meal with just six simple ingredients!

TIP 8: Tools of the trade: A few good kitchen tools can make cooking a lot easier!

TIP 9: Be prepared! Read the recipe and prepare ingredients before you start cooking

TIP 10: Get stocked! Keep your kitchen ready for action any night of the week with basic food staples

TIP 11: Cooking dinner is a snap with satisfying one-pot meals

TIP 12: Marinate inexpensive cuts of meat for deliciously tender results

TIP 13: Saving cents makes sense! Simmer up a pot of scrumptious soup

TIP 14: Make your food dollar go farther. Put more plant-based protein in your pot

TIP 15: Get saucy! Make your own spaghetti sauce with just a few ingredients

Family Affair Tips

TIP 16: Your kitchen doubles as a classroom that equips kids with life skills galore

TIP 17: Find weekdays too hectic to cook with kids? KISS: Keep it simple, sweetie!

TIP 18: Got teens? Try “create-it-yourself” meals so they can experiment in the kitchen

TIP 19: Bring a little fun to your kitchen with a family cooking challenge

TIP 20: Parents frosty about kids cooking? Smoothies are a super way to introduce kids to the kitchen

Cooking by Numbers Tips

TIP 21: Eating alone? Make breakfast for dinner!

TIP 22: Cooking for one? Switch it up with stir-fries

TIP 23: Get fresh with simple dinner salads for two!

TIP 24: Cooking for a crowd? Big-batch cooking is a super supper solution

TIP 25: Get social! Host a cooking party

Cooking 101 Tips

TIP 26: Savour the flavour! Small amounts of nutrient-rich ingredients boost taste

TIP 27: Get steamy in the kitchen! Steam veggies rather than fry.

TIP 28: Want to give healthy cooking a whirl? Think outside the salad spinner!

TIP 29: Baking bonanza! Balance your baking with simple swaps


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