Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week Six Final Post!

As we finish up our “Sweet ’16 Challenge”, we would like to thank you for joining us on this journey! We have seen lots of our participants achieve the goals they set in week 1! Congratulations!

And, at the end of any journey, the question often arises…. “What next?” Well, stay tuned for our next member appreciate event, but for now, we will leave you with a challenge to work away at for the next 6 weeks!!

The Plank Challenge!

See how long you can hold the plank today, and then add on to your time over the next 6 weeks. Let us know where you end up!  Good luck!

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER: Breathe throughout the exercise. Draw belly button in. Maintain straight line from knee/toes to top of head. Align your shoulders and elbow, keep neck straight. STOP if your form starts to deteriorate. STOP if you feel pain in your lower back.

Option one, from knees

plank knees week 6

Option two, from toes

plank toes week 6


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Week 1 Time
Week 2 Time
Week 3 Time
Week 4 Time
Week 5 Time
Week 6 Time




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