The Road2Hope with ywcaencore

The experience of being diagnosed with, and battling breast cancer is a difficult one to say the very least.  YWCA Hamilton offers support of all kinds to women facing this challenge, through the ywcaencore program.  ywcaencore is a FREE program for women that have had breast cancer at any point in their lives.  This program includes the support of women who are battling, or have battled themselves, provides specific and appropriate gentle exercises on land and in water and is lead by an amazing woman, Anne Marie (see her photo and read her story below), who has been through this journey herself.

All of this, as mentioned, is offered to participants for FREE.  As such the YWCA works to fundraise to support women in this program.  We have our biggest fundraiser coming up November 5th and 6th-the Road2Hope race series ( whereby one can register for the race, and CHOOSE YWCA ENCORE PROGRAM as your charity of choice, and then gather sponsors for your chosen race!

Or, if you’re not in to racing, but still want to support this amazing program, please head to one of the following links, and sponsor one of our hard working staff who are running (and one is Zumba-ing!!!!).

Anne Marie Collingwood:
Jennifer Gavin:
Marnie Warman:
Anne Marie’s message:
“I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I clearly recall during my treatment asking God to bring something “GOOD” from this hardship and I believe it was YWCA ENCORE. For me, this has been my purpose as the Coordinator of this amazing program that is free for women of all ages and stages that have been through breast cancer. Women come to this gentle exercise program and are educated and empowered and uplifted and learn they are not alone on this journey. Please support it – YWCA ENCORE CHANGES LIVES and brings women REAL HOPE in REAL DARK circumstances. 100% of your donation will go towards offering more women the opportunity to to participate in more sessions. These women of ENCORE have been my inspiration to continue to raise funds. Support women that have been through breast cancer. They are courageous and resilient – give them this gift of HOPE. With heartfelt appreciation”, Anne Marie

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