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Here’s a Hip Check for Runners….

Runners, use this routine to strengthen your hips–and the muscles that surround them.  This quick video from Runner’s World shows some great exercises to keep those hips strong and safe!



Prevent Running Injuries

Looking for some suggestions for running injury free?  Check out this article from Runner’s World online for some great tips!

Can’t make the Road2Hope?

As you know, we are very excited to be a Charity Partner for the Road2Hope Race Nov. 1st & 2nd. If you are unable to walk or run with us, would you kindly consider donating to the ywcaencore program through the attached link. Anne Marie will be running the half marathon representing all the incredible women that have been through the program and those that are yet to come. Click on the link to connect with Anne Marie’s story of HOPE .

Trying to improve your running speed?

Cross training could be the answer-not to mention, help with injury prevention! Check out these great cross training suggestions from Runner’s World online!

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a great compliment to any workout program, particularly running. The repetitive joint and muscle actions of running can make for some serious flexibility and/or muscle imbalance issues. Our triathlon coach, Kim, leads Yoga classes at the YWCA on a regular basis. Come and give us a try! Ask at reception for a one week free trial, and come check out our amazing instructors, classes and facilities!

Not close by? Check out this article from Runner’s World Online about yoga for beginners…..

Forget crunches. Train your core like a runner to get faster, fitter, and stronger

Want (and need!) a strong core? Check out this great article from Runner’s World online about how to train your core like a runner!

Need more guidance? Message me about pay-as-you-go Personal Training available at all YWCA Hamilton locations!!


Run faster and stronger!

Check out another great Runner’s World article about 10 essential exercises that, done consistently, can help you run faster and stronger! Thanks to Runner’s World for such great info!

Get out and get walking #hamont

After having popped outside to grab an afternoon cup of tea, I thought “what a great day for a hike!” Unfortunately I had to head back in to the office, but that thought reminded me of the great link on the City of Hamilton website that lists all of the hiking trails in Hamilton. So, I thought I’d better share! Check it out:

So, if you can this afternoon, choose one and start walking!!!



EASING INTO IT! With longer, warmer spring days comes the opportunity to get back outside and kick up your fitness program a notch.  It may range from golf to recreational soccer,  cycling to running,  rollerblading to triathlon.    Regardless of … Continue reading

Bay Watch

It’s that time of year again – runners everywhere are in the midst of their training for Hamilton’s celebrated Around the Bay 30 k road race on March 25 (and I do mean everywhere – a quick scan of the confirmation list shows hometowns throughout the country and in several U.S. states).

Last Saturday morning, North Shore Blvd. seemed almost as busy as it will be on race day, with runners taking advantage of the mild weather and clear roads to practice the hills.

Several of the YW’s runners met at Lasalle Park for a 2 hour & 20 minute training run: left to right, Mary, Debbie, Barb, Kim and Nancy – and they were still smiling afterward!