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Sweet ’16 Challenge – Week Three Fit Tip!

Goal Setting, and re-evaluation

So, here we are week three already! And it is time for our mid challenge check in!  Book your appointment with your trainer today!

Why are we asking you to check in half way through? It all has to do with goal setting the relation to goal attainment.  One of the keys to success, is to set very specific goals, as well as to create a plan of attack to help you reach these goals.  Without specifically defining a goal, and laying out the steps of how you’re going to reach it, all you have done it just make a wish.  To say “I want to be more active”……and that’s it, you likely won’t know what specific steps to take next (e.g. on Wednesday I will attend a tabata class) or, have a baseline to which you can compare your “more active” (e.g. more active than what?).  Just like cooking or baking, when there is a step by step recipe, dinner is more successful as you have had a solid plan to follow.

So, in week 1, you set some goals with your trainer, and now that week three is here, it is time for you to review your plan and see how it is working out. Remember that a fitness plan isn’t set in stone.  We start on our path to achieve a goal and sometimes the steps we’ve laid out are perfect and fit in to your schedule well, and sometimes that plan didn’t work like we thought it would.  So…..we re-assess!  Hence, the mid-challenge check-in!  Compare where you are this week, in reference to where you thought you would be when you put your plan together in week one.  Likely, you are rockin’ it!! WAY TO GO!

But maybe, just maybe, things didn’t go the way you wanted. What to do?  Let that week go!  It’s not the end of the world!  BUT, it’s also not an excuse to let it all go and give up!  Re-commit to the next three weeks and make it happen!

Lifestyle change isn’t easy-if it was, everyone would do it!! It’s work for sure….but you are worth every minute!



What’s new this year in the YWCA fitness centre? It’s “WISP-y” and its a “HIIT”!

Looking for something new to kick start your 2015?  Join us for one of this year’s top fitness trends, HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  We’ve been doing this already (of course we are ahead of the pack! 🙂 ) with our Tabata classes, but we are changing up the challenge with different HIIT formats!!  Remember…..challenge = change!  Come and join us on Mondays at 12:15 in the MacNab Street gym.

Or, are you a Nordic Walker/outdoor Walker that is looking to maintain her fitness, but would like to come in out of the cold?  This session we are offering a WISP class (“Walking Indoors with Strength and Posture”) whereby we will be doing some walking in the gym, but adding strength and posture exercises and intervals to keep strong over the winter.

Come and see us for a free week trial!  Give us a call if you have questions: 905-522-9922 ext 118, or send me an email at


Woman Alive Fitness Winter 2015

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Holiday Zumba!

A great group of Zumba women at the Ottawa St. YWCA after having a Christmas blast class!

Join us in the new year Tuesdays at 6:00pm.

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Happy New Year, Happy New You

So far, nearly everyone I spoke to in the last few days, brought up the topic of a New Year Resolution.   January 1 is traditionally a time of self-reflection.  One thinks about what improvements need to be made and sometimes reflect on what we have achieved along the way.

Last year I heard an interesting interview with Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, on CBC, and did a lot of thinking on making habits.  This book is available at the Hamilton Library, and is also available as an audio book.

Duhigg decided he needed to understand HOW habits work.  First every habit has a cue, something that triggers a routine.  The cue could be a location, a time of day, emotional state, people or a pattern of behavior that triggers the routine.

Almost everything we do is routine or habit. From driving a car, to taking a shower, or even getting ready for work, we don’t really think about it, we just do often without thinking.  Duhigg found that habits and routines can be changed easier than actually creating a new habit.

#1.  It is easier to modify a habit than to create a new one.

Is getting more exercise one of your new year’s resolutions?  Can you modify your “going home” routine to include a stop at the gym?  Put it in your calendar as a “meeting”. Pack your bag, snack and water bottle the night before.  Keep the packed bag in the car.  Do not go home!  Go to the gym for 15 – 20 minutes.  Modify your “go home” routine to include the short stop at the gym.  With repetition and self-reward (you feel good, sense of accomplishment, less tired, elevated mood) that 15 minutes will become 30 minutes.

After work, I would pack up my bag and go home.  I thought I could go to the gym after dinner.  But I almost never did.  It was difficult to leave again after arriving home as there was always something needed doing.  So I changed my routine, left work on time. I didn’t dawdle or go to the store and went to the gym before going home.  It took time.  I sometimes was rushed at the gym.  I sometimes missed the class.  But I eventually included it into my daily routine.

#2 Focus on ONE habit at a time.  Make exercise your January habit.  In  February, add your next habit.

#3 The last hint is to not “throw in the towel”.  Creating a new habit or routine is not easy.  There WILL be setbacks.  Forgive yourself and keep working on it.

Is getting more exercise YOUR New You resolution?  It will make you happy, and you can put it into a habit you already have.  Web MD had some interesting tips on how to make it a habit.

1. Do a variety of exercise.  You will probably enjoy it more.

2. Do it with a friend. Or meet friend at your fitness centre. The social aspect of exercise can be important too.

3. Make it a priority.  No excuses.  Get there.  If you leave after 15 minutes, you still got there. (You probably won’t leave.)

4. Exercise first thing in the morning OR

5. On your way home.  DON’T go home.

6. Do it even if you are too tired or don’t feel like it.

7. Log your exercise. Write down what you did and how much.

8. And keep track of your progress.  Do you sleep better? Have more energy? Etc.

Here is the full article from WEB MD “10 Easy Ways To Make Exercise a Habit”

Happy New You!


Staff YWCA Hamilton